Top 5 Books for learning Montessori

Whether you are new to Montessori or a 30-year veteran, there are always new things to learn and concepts that need refreshing. When asked what books to read to get up to speed with Montessori, I have a list I refer to. Now I am sharing that list with you! These books are life-changing in that they will alter your perspective on parenting and how kids learn. I strongly encourage you to take the time to skim through them for concepts you are currently teaching at a minimum. 

A lot of people say, "I read blogs to gain perspective on Montessori..." I answer with, that is great and a fantastic foundation, obviously, as a blogger, I don't want you to stop. But, a book does more than a blog in that it creates a framework for thinking and then presents a concept in a complete thought. Something that is hard to do in one to two thousand words. 

Ok, here is the list: 

1. Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook.

     I have this ranked number one because it is FREE to download on Amazon through this link: 

This download is a quick read that is a great starter in explaining Dr. Montessori's methods and the layout and equipment of her Children's Houses. It provides useful insight into children's learning practices that have been more widely adopted today. If you are homeschooling, have a child in a Montessori school or just want to find some useful learning activities for your kids or toddler, you can't go wrong by reading this book. It's FREE! 

2. Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three 

This book is one of the few where there are pages dedicated to applying Montessori principles to newborns. If you have an infant and want to begin teaching Montessori Methods from a very young age, this is the book for you. This book also addresses the often discussed floor bed. If you are considering a floor bed for your child, see what we have to say here, but we also encourage you to read what this book has to say. This Montessori book also explores lots of other topics that parents/mothers tend to crave lots of information on. Such as weaning, breastfeeding, potty training, free-range children/parenting, cost of Montessori materials...etc. A great resource!

3.  The Absorbent Mind By Maria Montessori

This book is the unofficial Bible for the Montessori Method of teaching. The absorbent mind is a book about how to maximize the first 6 years of a child's life. This period is the most crucial from a learning perspective and Dr. Montessori goes into great detail on how to make the most of these years. An essential read for parents, homeschoolers, kindergarten teachers and preschool teachers. 

4. How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way

This book is a great intro to Montessori and offers lots of info in an easy to read/comprehend manner. There are activity ideas for kids and will create a good foundation for Montessori teaching. It is engaging with its pictures and can be left on the coffee table to flip through for a spur of the moment activity. A highly recommended book for those new to Montessori Methods. 

5. Understanding the Human Being: The Importance of the First Three Years of Life (The Clio Montessori Series)

Most other guides on the best Montessori books mention this one, and for good reason. This book is one of the few that address Montessori from birth. It is almost required reading for anyone expecting a child. It never hurts to be prepared and this book will prepare you to raise the best child possible. The information in this book about raising babies is absolutely timeless and will help new and existing parents gain new insights into the lives of their children. This is the perfect gift for soon to be parents and I can almost guarantee you they will thank you many times over for the insight. 

So, those are the top 5 Montessori Books. They offer huge piles of advice in complete thoughts that will make you a more understanding parent and better at teaching and supporting Montessori Methods for your children. Let us know what you think or if you have any other recommendations.