Montessori Toddler Reading and Spelling Games

Let me start this by saying this activity was a huge hit. Our toddler LOVED it. 

This is how it went: 

We start this exercise by doing a little exploring. Wherever our daughter wants to go to look for items, we follow (unfortunately the snow restricted us to inside only today). We really want to get her involved in the activity, and having her feel like she is in charge helps with that.  She knows that she is on a mission to find five items that she wants to learn how to spell.  Five is a good number because it keeps the time of the activity at around 15 minutes which is about the breadth of a toddler’s attention span.

We settled on these things: 

Spoon, Lemon, Apple, Orange and Pizza Cutter.

What we do next is take the first item of her choice lay out 2 random letters as well as the first letter of the item. We then begin to sound out the item to figure out the first letter. The first letter is all we are going for here -That initial sound of the word without more complicated phonics. Our daughter then had to point to the right letter on her own. Kind of like a multiple choice quiz.

Here are some photos of the process:


Much to our surprise, she was incredibly proficient at this and we tried to make it more difficult by adding a fourth letter to the mix. 

This is Montessori personified for us. Simple activities that hit multiple categories while stimulating thought and creativity. Thanks for following along.