Montessori Number Game with Number Cards

Tactile Number Cards are incredibly simple, just a piece of card stock with a sandpaper number on them to make it rough and tactile, which little hands like to feel. Ours have held up to a lot of abuse, and currently look like this:



When we started playing with tactile number cards, they were used almost like flash cards to show the shape of the numbers.  We encouraged our daughter to trace the rough surface with a finger. From there we have evolved into learning several principles at once (and a bigger set) with the number cards, and our daughter is excelling very rapidly with this method.


Here is what we do.

  1. Mix up all of the cards on the floor 
  • We do this to make it a little more challenging to find the right card.
  1. Have the little one start by making a top row of 1-10:
  • This definitely will require some coaching and “hints” but high praise for effort will spur them to fight through frustration.
  1. After the top row of 1-10 is established, we start going down by 10’s like this:
  • Now we are learning the base 10 number system that is universal and recognizing patterns. This has led our 3 year old to understand the dynamics of the twenties…etc. much quicker than simply counting. In fact, today, after only a few days of practice, she completed the entire activity by herself, counting by tens.

Finished Product:



Also, if you are the DIY Type, here is a blog post describing how to make your own. 

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