Montessori Inspired Baby Registry

We have written many different posts about where to find the best Montessori materials and different ideas for Montessori toys for children of all ages, but now we are going to focus on what to put on your baby registry so other people can purchase Montessori materials for your child. You can start your little one's collection before they are even born and give them a head start. 

We know what it is like to have a baby shower coming up and not have any idea what to put on your registry. So, we are going to provide you with some baby registry ideas to set yourself up for Montessori Success. 

There are tons of places to register for a baby shower, but our favorite, as usual, is Amazon. The things you can add to your registry are basically limitless and the choices on are super broad - allowing a more targeted list rather than settling on what is available in other stores. Also, the pricing on Amazon is usually tough to beat, so you can rest well in knowing that your attendees are getting things at the best value available. 

I'll start the recommendation with this: Montessori for your child depends as much on you, the parent's, part as it does on toys, materials...etc. With that in mind, I highly recommend you put a couple of the books from our Top 5 Montessori Books post, especially, Understanding the Human Being: The Importance of the First Three Years of Life (The Clio Montessori Series) to your baby registry. This book will help prepare you for your Montessori journey and give you a deeper understanding of the task at hand. Add this book to your registry and you won't regret it. 

The second essential gift for a baby registry is a co-sleeper. Co-sleeping is great for the baby in so many ways. It allows for on-demand nursing from the mother throughout the night, which is important for baby and mother alike. It also keeps the baby in close proximity to mom and dad allowing baby to become familiar with the scents and sounds of his new world. Mom and dad should put the co-sleeper in bed with them for a few weeks prior to the arrival of baby. This will accomplish two things. First, it will acclimate the parents to the presence of something new in the bed. You don't want to make this adjustment after baby arrives, as sleep will already be challenging enough. Second, it will allow mom and dad's scents to penetrate the co-sleeper which will offer comfort to baby upon its arrival. 

There are tons of co-sleepers available and the can be overwhelming to wade through, but let me save you the trouble.   

Yes, it is expensive. But, we are extremely satisfied with the purchase and have nothing but great night while using the Dock-A-Tot. The materials are breathable so you don't have to worry so much if baby turns on his/her side and the cover removes easily to be thrown in the washer after the inevitable spit up or other accident. It is worth a serious look, and is a good addition to facilitating a  Montessori environment as the connection it allows is very important for future development. A dedicated spot for baby to learn to sleep in makes bedtime an easier task over the long haul and incorporates Montessori concepts rooted in consistency and trust.

The third essential we recommend to add to your baby registry for setting your newborn up for Montessori success is a dedicated changing table.  Once again, consistency and building trust between you and your baby will build over time into dedicated attention and be listening when you begin teaching more complicated skills. So, make a place for baby to be changed. Allow him/her to become comfortable with what is going to happen when they are placed on the table. Over a short period of time, baby will learn to love the interaction that comes along with being put on the changing table, and diaper changes will be a pleasant experience for all.

A fourth essential for expecting parents is a movement/play area. This is an area that is dedicated to awake time. You'll need a soft mat or blanket, a mirror and some high contrast black white and red images. Babies can only see in high contrast from the beginning and these colors provide something stimulating for them to look at. The mirror helps them to gain a sense of self and learn more about their surroundings by observing themselves. One thing to remember about the play area is baby should always be under observation. You can't really go wrong as long here, so pick out the items you like best and add them to that baby registry. 

The last thing I'll recommend for your Montessori newborn baby registry is a baby wrap. Carrying your baby instead of putting him/her in a stroller is good on so many levels. It helps develop a stronger bond with baby as there is always a close connection and they are totally reliant on you to get them around. It also provides a greater level of comfort for baby as they are always close enough to mom or dad to smell the same smells as they do at home. We use the Ergo baby, but they are a plethora of options available and I doubt you could go wrong with any.