Easy Toddler Activities to get Started in Montessori

 Children are flowers of our lives! This is not just a beautiful phrase, but applicable in the fact that their abilities are directly correlated with the fertilizer we sprinkle on them. Children are the main treasure of our society. How we educate them and what kinds of character features we give them have a great impact not only on their future, but on the future of their country. Worldwide, in almost every family there are children. It is not a secret that they will build cities and develop their own culture. How this will turn out, depends on the parents of the family in which they live, and from the adults who surround them. First of all, we have to respect the little ones, to care about their health, education and to help to develop their talents. After understanding their role in the life, children should study well, always take care of their health, improve the overall culture. Only healthy and educated people can build a wonderful peaceful life for themselves and their descendants. We, adults, play an important role in their growing up.

  Nowadays there are many activities which help to develop skills and teach children something new and useful. From the early years, the parents have to give their children helpful information that will shape their future. We form the consciousness of our kids from their birth. So, it is important to build it up correctly.

Maria Montessori, created her own educational ways, which show how to improve children’s abilities. Many of her ideas have an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development. There are many developing games created by Montessori. But how do you make a child, especially a toddler, to be interested in some teaching activities? Caring for children include many new elements. Until two or three years, children learn to speak and understand the speech of others. For the development of these skills, the help of the parents is essential. They should talk with their children slowly, often repeating words and phrases. The period of two to six years can also be called a time of a game. The first children's games include sensory-motor pleasure and research. Satisfaction is easy to see when a child plays with soft objects, running and jumping and so on. Let’s consider three easy activities for toddlers to get both of your feet wet in Montessori methods and keep them occupied on any given day.

  The first way to interest your child in some new things is to let him help you in the kitchen. As toddlers are always very curious about the world and all the things that are around them, it will be useful to show and even give them the opportunity to see and help in food making, cleaning and basic nutrition. Besides, this activity can also increase the level of your child’s appetite, which is very common problem among kids. By involving them in the prep of their food they will have a much deeper interest in the food itself and consequently be more willing to try it. These type of activities are called Practical Life Activities, and one important aspect of practical life is food preparation. Don’t forget to take away all sharp things and make the furniture safe for your baby, and then let her be free. To make the cooking and eating process more entertaining, you can use some special plates, especially in forms of some animals and toys. Give your child a chance to serve himself or to help you in cooking some delicious dishes. You can either prepare apples or peel a hard-boiled egg for refining motor skills. Also, take the chance to teach hygiene and show a good example for your child by washing your hands before the prep work or eating.

This kitchen helper stool is a great alternative to a chair for having a little one help you at counter height. Kitchen Helper


  The second way for your child to stay active at home is to build a tower.  You can use basically anything to accomplish this (books, boxes, pillows...etc) First of all, it will teach the child about some geometrical figures. In addition, it will develop such skills as patience and persistence. It will also improve the toddler’s concentration and attention. Every child loves this game. This is not only an exciting but also very useful activity, which can continue for several hours. The first thing that is worth mentioning is the development of spatial thinking since the child learns the various relationships between the elements of the set. The child better understands how you can create this or that object. The child can also develop imaginative thinking by working through different problems of how to build the tower taller, which is always the goal

Our favorite building product, aside from pillows for a tent, is this super cost effective set from Melissa and Doug: Building Blocks


  The last activity that we recommend to get started in Montessori is a hearing game for kids. For this activity, we can use a special set of bells, glasses with differing levels of water, or a toy xylophone to learn and identify musical notes. You can also use some other items such as spoons, sticks, stones, bottles or boxes filled with grains. Get as creative as you want here. Label each note and let your child hear them all. Once things seem to to be memorized, use a blindfold or have the toddler turn around and see if they can recognize each note by ear only. Developing an ear for different sounds is a core function that is important to foster from an early age. Music, like an art of a word or picture, should be a way for children to hear and feel the real expression, mood, and ideas. If music gives your child only positive emotions, soon he will see the world around him completely harmoniously and peacefully.

Our favorite set of bells are here: Montessori Bells

Thanks for reading!